Folti Baffi Italian Mustache Cream

Obat Penumbuh Jenggot Krim Penumbuh Brewok Cream Penumbuh Kumis dan Penumbuh Jambang Terbaik di Indonesia

Mustache Cream

Folti Baffi Mustache Cream is an international class beard growing product. With the composition of First Ingredients in Indonesia. A combination of Glycogen Glycoenergizer, Lepidium Meyenii Root Extract and Hairdensyl Complex.

Together, they grow facial hair both a fabulous scent and a healthy appearance. Designed to be very lightweight, our cream keep your beard conditioned and shiny.

In addition, our beard cream help to soften, hydrate, and condition your beard while minimize and prevent loss.

The lightweight blend won’t weigh down your beard or make it feel greasy. Simply put, our beard cream is the best on the market. 


It was an real incredible experience for you. The quality of product was matched by the quality of result you got. It’s worth the money! You only need to use it twice a day for the wbest results.

Activate Beard follicle cells in the face to grow thick

Speed up and thicken the growth of facial hair

Preventing Beard on the Face Easily Fall and Broken

Folti Baffi Created Purely For Man Who Appreciate Premium Quality, Time And Flawless Look.


Stimulates the growth of feathers in the beard area so that the beard can grow evenly in a thick length.


Grow sideburns in the cheek area so that the beard you want appears and grows in a thick manner


Extend and enhance the growth of fur in the mustache so that you look more masculine and handsome


Beard Grower Cream Products and International Class Premium Brewing with the First Ingredients in Indonesia. Folti Baffi, who grows premium sideboards, is created from the inspiration of an Italian Gentleman.This is a new experience and adventure for those of you who have wanted to have thick beards. We think you are awesome and our products are designed to help you be the man you want to be.

ONLY IDR 277K – 60GRAM – POM NA18171000824


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